The New Transparency Project is based at Queen’s University with nodes at the University of Alberta, University of Victoria, University of Toronto and the Open University (UK).

David Lyon is the Director, and also a member of the Executive Team comprised of the co-investigators: Arthur Cockfield, Laureen Snider, Kevin Haggerty, Colin Bennett, Andrew Clement and Kirstie Ball. Each of the Integrated Research Sub-Projects is led by specified co-investigators, who are paired with collaborators, partners, stakeholders, postdoctoral fellows and students in research teams to establish and carry out research goals.

The team is comprised of 33 scholars from 9 countries, 9 disciplines and 20 different universities, representing a commonality of purpose and diversity of background, discipline and nationality. As well as a shared commitment to this project, members bring high-level complementary expertise, and a desire to work collaboratively on what are simultaneously some of the most intellectually stimulating and politically urgent questions of our day.

An advisory board has also been established, comprised of distinguished members of the academic and policy community. This group will meet annually to oversee the direction of the research program.

Two staff members support the administrative, financial, communication and research activities of the program in close contact with the executive team.