SSC Annual Newsletters

  • Issue 4, October 2015SSC Newsletter Issue 3 Stories Inside: SSHRC Partnership Grant: Big Data Surveillance, NewT, SSC Seminar Series 2014-2015, Public Outreach Events, 4S15, Intersectional Approaches to Surveillance Workshop, Visit of Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Visiting Faculty Experience of Marta Kanashiro, Member News, Spotlight on Postdoc: Scott Thompson.

  • Issue 3, August 2014SSC Newsletter Issue 3 Stories Inside: SSC Seminar Series (2013-2014), SSC Survey Archive, Unmanned Systems Canada Conference, Surveillance Drones Report, NewT News, Transparent Lives/ Vivre à nu, Crime, Immigration and Surveillance Workshop, Postdoc Experience of Adam Molnar, Member News and Spotlight on Student: Krystle Maki.

  • Issue 2, June 2013 Stories inside: Helen Nissenbaum on privacy and online courses, surveillance studies special collection, SSC drone report for Office of The Privacy Commissioner, profile of long-time surveillance researcher Elia Zureik, grad students and visitor reports

  • Issue 1, June 2012

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