Sachil Singh

Post-doctoral Fellow, Surveillance Studies Centre, Assistant Professor, Queen's University, Canada

Dr. Sachil Singh
Dr. Sachil Singh

Dr. Singh is a post-doctoral fellow at the SSC. He is collating research findings from all three streams of the SSHRC-funded Big Data Surveillance (BDS) research project, led by Professor David Lyon, and will play a major role in organizing a final research conference, to take place in 2021. He is also an Assistant Professor (Adjunct) in the Department of Sociology at Queen's University, where he teaches the department's largest course, Introduction to Sociology (SOCY122). Finally, Dr. Singh is a Privacy and Ethics Officer with the Centre for Advanced Computing at Queen's University where he offers critical contributions to the development of the Ontario Health Data Platform (formerly PANTHR). This is a multi-million dollar project that the Province has invested in as one of the key responses to COVID-19. 

Dr. Singh's main areas of study are medical sociology, critical race studies and surveillance. More specifically, his research interests are in algorithmic inequality, social sorting, health and surveillance, and race and ethnicity. The common thread in his work is attention to the racial outcomes of digital sorting technologies. His most recent article (co-authored with Val Steeves) in Social Science and Medicine deals with the contested meanings of race/ethnicity in medical literature. He has also published in leading journals such as Security Dialogue, contributed to Transparent Lives: Surveillance in Canada, and has co-edited a Special Issue in Surveillance & Society. He recently wrote an article in The Conversation which highlights concerns with racial surveillance as a way to understand the reach of the coronavirus pandemic.

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