Ayse Ceyhan

Political Science, Sciences PO, France

Dr Ayse Ceyhan is a political scientist. She teaches at Sciences Po Paris and is specialized in issues of security, technology and identity. She leads a research group at la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH) Paris on security technologies. She organized a cross-disciplinary conference on biometrics in January 2008 examining the economic, technological, political, sociological, ethical and juridical aspects of this technology.

Among her most representative publications: “Technologization of Security: Management of Uncertainty and Risk in the Age of Biometrics”, Surveillance & Society. No 5(2), 2008; “Technologie et sécurité: une gouvernance libérale dans un contexte d’incertitudes”, Cultures et Conflits, no. 64, 2006; “Identification et surveillance à l’heure de la biométrie”, Cultures et Conflits, no. 64, 2006; “Policing by Dossiers: Identification and Surveillance in an Era of Uncertainty and Fear”, in D.Bigo, E.Guild (eds.), Controlling Borders, London, Ashgate, 2005; “La Biométrie une technologie pour gérer les incertitudes de la modernité contemporaine”, Cahiers de l’INHES, Printemps 2005, no.56.