SSC Seminar Series: Kiyoshi Abe

Mac-Corry Room D-411 (Sociology Lounge)
12:30 - 2:00 pm

Kiyoshi Abe (Professor, visiting from the Graduate School of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University)

De/Reconstructing Surveillance Studies? Comparative views of the Sapporo Olympics in 1972

In this presentation I will clarify the significance of comparative research in surveillance studies in three dimensions. Firstly, it is indispensable to engage in international comparative research so that we can grasp ‘common trends’ in globalized surveillance. Secondly, it is expected that we can shed light on the socio- cultural specificities with respect to surveillance in society. Thirdly, through comparative research, it is expected that the dominant paradigm of surveillance studies at present (which seems to be based mainly on the Western tradition of sociology, criminology, political science and cultural studies), can be de/re constructed so that we can pay close analytical and normative attention to the conditions of surveillance in the era of globalization.

Given the above-mentioned problématique of my research, I will talk about my own research on theme of ‘Surveillance and the Olympic Games’ focusing on the Sapporo Olympic Games in 1972. After reviewing the findings of that research, I will try to advocate both empirical and meta-theoretical perspectives on comparative research in surveillance studies.

Everyone welcome!