SSC Seminar Series: Helen Nissenbaum, NYU & 2013 Brockington Visitor

Helen Nissenbaum
New York University
Media, Culture, and Communication & Computer Science
Director, Information Law Institute and
2013 Brockington Visitor

DIY Privacy Through Obfuscation

Tuesday, March 19
Mac-Corry Hall, Room D207

Data obfuscation promises relief against powerful machinations of aggregation, mining, and profiling. As a form of DIY privacy protection it circumvents the individual's dependence on corporate and governmental actors, whose interests often are served by practices of unfettered surveillance. Promising as it is, however, obfuscation raises scientific, ethical, and political questions, questions this seminar will address.

Everyone welcome!

This seminar is followed by:

Small-group discussion, Tuesday, March 19, 2.30-4pm

Law Faculty Lounge (MacDonald Hall, 5th Floor)

This session is primarily targeted towards graduate students (and other interested folks) and offers personal engagement with Helen Nissenbaum. Bring your questions!