SSC Seminar Series: Amanda Glasbeek & Emily Van der Meulen

Amanda Glasbeek, Associate Professor, Department of Social Science, York University and

Emily van der Meulen, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Ryerson University

Gendering Video Surveillance in Toronto: CCTV and women’s sense of urban security

Mac-Corry Hall, Room D411 (Sociology Lounge)

12:30 - 2:00 pm

This talk draws on primary data from a Toronto-based, mixed-methods study with 50 women, and offers insights on the paradox of visibility engendered by CCTV. Glasbeek and van der Meulen's work considers the differential impacts video surveillance has on women for whom the city may be a site of leisure, entertainment, survival, danger, pleasure, insecurity, and/or labour.

Everyone welcome!