Vida Bajc


[pronounced vee-dah bytes]
Postdoctoral Fellow
The Surveillance Project

Department of Sociology
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6

Tel. (613) 533-6000 ext. 77652
Fax. (613) 533-6499
E-mail: vida.bajc at

Short Résumé
Teaching Positions
Professional Activity
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Ph.D. 2008 University of Pennsylvania
M.S. 1996 Texas A&M University
B.A. 1994 University of Akron summa cum laude

Areas of Research and Teaching

Culture, Religion, Global/Transnational Processes, Surveillance/Security and Social Control, Ethnography, the Middle East

Publication Highlights

Edited Book 2009 (forthcoming) Security and Everyday Life Vida Bajc and Willem de Lint

Special Issue 2007, 2(3) November
(Dis)placing the Centre: Pilgrimage in a Mobile World
Vida Bajc, Simon Coleman, and John Eade (eds)

Vida Bajc; Simon Coleman; John Eade
Introduction: Mobility and Centring in Pilgrimage pp. 321-329. [download pdf]

Simon Coleman
A Tale of Two Centres? Representing Palestine to the British in the Nineteenth Century pp. 331-345.

Agata Szczeszak-Brewer
Teleology without a Telos?: Constructive Absence in Leopold Bloom’s Pilgrimage pp. 347-362.

Erin Kenny
Gifting Mecca: Importing Spiritual Capital to West Africa pp. 363-381.

Lawrence J. Taylor
Centre and Edge: Pilgrimage and the Moral Geography of the US/Mexico Border pp. 383-393.

Vida Bajc
Creating Ritual through Narrative, Place and Performance in Evangelical Protestant Pilgrimage in the Holy Land pp. 395-412. [download pdf]

John Eade; David Garbin
Reinterpreting the Relationship Between Centre and Periphery: Pilgrimage and Sacret Spatialisation Among Polish and Congolese Communities in Britain pp. 413-424.

American Behavioral Scientist
Special Issue 2007, 50(12) August
Watching Out: Surveillance, Mobility and Security
Vida Bajc and John Torpey (eds)


Vida Bajc
Introduction: Debating Surveillance in the Age of Security pp.1567-1591. [download pdf]

Dennis Broeders and Godfried Engbersen
The Fight Against Illegal Migration: Identification Policies and Immigrants' Counterstrategies pp. 1592-1609.

Brenda Chalfin
Customs Regimes and the Materiality of Global Mobility: Governing the Port of Rotterdam pp. 1610-1630.

Willem de Lint, Sirpa Virta, and John Edward Deukmedjian
The Simulation of Crime Control: A Shift in Policing? pp. 1631-1647.

Vida Bajc
Surveillance in Public Rituals: Security Meta-ritual and the 2005 U.S. Presidential Inauguration pp. 1648-1673. [download pdf]

Céline Nieuwenhuys and Antoine Pécoud
Human Trafficking, Information Campaigns, and Strategies of Migration Control pp. 1674-1695.

Special Issue 2006, 7(2) November
Collective Memory and Tourism
Vida Bajc (ed)


Vida Bajc
Collective Memory and Tourism: Globalizing Transmission through Localized Experience
pp. 1-14. [download pdf]

Cheryl Finley
Of Golden Anniversaries and Bicentennials: The Convergence of Memory, Tourism and National History in Ghana pp. 15-32.

Eric G.E. Zuelow
‘Kilts Versus Breeches’: The Royal Visit, Tourism and Scottish National Memory pp. 33-53.

Aaron Nugua
Witch City and Mnemonic Tourism pp. 55-72.

Andrew S. Gross
Holocaust Tourism in Berlin: Global Memory, Trauma and the ‘Negative Sublime’ pp. 73-100.

Vida Bajc
Christian Pilgrimage Groups in Jerusalem: Framing the Experience Through Linear Meta-Framing
pp. 101-128. [download pdf]

Clare B. Fisher
Remembering Bali as Paradise: The Bombing of Kuta and the Recovery of the Balinese Tourist Identity pp. 129-150.