*New Date* SP Seminar Series - Alanur Cavlin

Mac-Corry Room D-411 (Sociology Lounge)
12:30 - 1:30 pm

Alanur Çavlin Bozbeyoğlu, PhD
Post-Doctoral Researcher in Sociology
The Turkish Academy of Sciences

To Be or Not to Be ‘Counted’: Differentiation of the Population Data Gathering System in Turkey

Following the establishment of Turkey as a nation state (1923), de facto population censuses have been used as the primary official data. In 2007, following the monopoly held by censuses for 80 years, an address based registration system was established. Currently, the regularly updated results of the registration system are used instead of censuses for all official purposes. The first phase of the presentation will summarize the factual changes in the governmental and administrative practices, and for the organization of public services due to differentiation of the population data gathering system. The new data gathering system is an improved form of control and surveillance. To be or not to be ‘counted’ in the new system determines citizenship status, the set of rights and duties held by citizens. The final phase of the presentation will open a discussion about conceptual change of the construction of Turkish citizenship concerning the ongoing differentiation of the data gathering system.

Everyone welcome!