New Transparency-related Websites:
Privacy Advocates
Canadian Identity Forum
Deep Packet Inspection
Identity Cards
Security Games

Research Projects:
Biopolitics of Security Network
Centre for Advanced Security, Privacy, and Information Systems Research (ASPIRe)
Centre for Bioethics, Clinical Research Institute of Montreal
Challenge: Liberty and Security
Citizen Lab
Deep Packet Inspection
Information Policy Research Program [IPRP], University of Toronto
Canadian IDentity Forum, University of Toronto
CRC - surveillance et construction sociale du risque
Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre (Australia)
Global Network Initiative
Human Security Report Project
Identinet: The Documentation of Individual Identity
Italian Group on Surveillance Studies
Open Net Initiative
On the Identity Trail Project
Oxford Internet Institute
Pew Internet and American Life Project
Project Bertillon
Security Impact Assessment Measures (SIAM)
Surveillance and Everyday Life Research Group, University of Sydney
Surveillance Studies Network (SSN)
Urban Eye
Watch Lists and Border Controls

Surveillance & Society
International Political Sociology
Cultures & Conflits
Privacy Journal

Privacy Commissioners:
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC)
Blog of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC)
List of Provincial and Territorial Privacy Commissioners
Access to Information and Privacy: Canadian Provinces and Territories
Access to Information and Privacy: International

Advocacy Groups:
ACLU- American Civil Liberties Union
CAIR-CAN- Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations
CASPIAN- Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering
CIPPIC- Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
CIPS- Canadian Information Processing Society
Privacy Advocates
EFF- Electronic Frontier Foundation
EPIC- Electronic Privacy Information Center
FIPA- BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
ICAMS- International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance
ICLMG- The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group
No Tags
PI- Privacy International
Privacy Info
Surveillance Camera Players
Institute for the Study of Privacy Issues (ISPI)

New Transparency Workshops:

States of Exception Research Workshop, IRSP IV (December 2008)
Surveillance Games: A Research Workshop, IRSP III (November 2009)
The Political Economy of Surveillance: A Research Workshop, IRSP I (September 2010)
Cyber-Surveillance in Everyday Life: A Research Workshop, IRSP II (May 2010)
The Expanding Surveillance Net: Ten Years after 9/11, IRSP III (September 2011)